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James Kellett and James Thomas, also known as ‘The Prisma Boys’, founded Prisma in 2013; the project was seen as a creative outlet for them whilst studying for their Business degree.

Putting their design skills to the test they started creating clothing in their bold graphic style. The boys also started putting on events around Nottingham, becoming well known for their gigs which showcased up and coming artists.

When the boys graduated they decided that Prisma had enough potential to become a full time enterprise. Always ones to take risks; the James’ invested the small amount of savings they had and opened their first retail outlet in Nottingham.

After 6 months of running their own shop they decided to move the business into a new direction, this was towards screen-printing. Still virtually broke the James’ had to seek alternative methods of finance to fund the purchase of new equipment. A successful Kickstarter campaign was launched with 132% of the initial funding goal being reached.

Today, Prisma has a team of music promoters, a wide product range and its own screen- printing studio, taking orders from a wide range of clients.

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